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ClearLight at AACR 2021

Supporting Preclinical Cancer Researchers

Meet our Application Specialist

Welcome AACR 2021 Visitors

On this dedicated page for AACR 2021 visitors, preclinical researchers learn more about ClearLight, CLARITY, and 3D IHC. They also learn three ways researchers typically engage ClearLight. Whether you are new to CLARITY Tissue Clearing and 3D IHC or well-grounded in these subjects and have a project in mind, you can request to meet with us before, during, or after AACR 2021. We give you collateral to take with you and ways to contact us when you are ready.

Meet ClearLight

At AACR meet with us using the official virtual networking platform, GRIP. Chat with members of our science team. Learn more about ClearLight Biotechnologies, our technology, and our lab services. Before and after the event use chat on our website or contact us.

Our Mission

ClearLight empowers researchers to see more biology within the tissue microenvironment. We are developing technologies to improve diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive treatment of disease so we can all live healthier lives.

Three Ways to Engage ClearLight


Feasibility can be about proving that CLARITY technology can effectively be applied to a particular tissue type or antibody. It can even be about post-CLARITY application feasibility. At this stage, we establish a pilot study to determine whether CLARITY is a good fit. Expected outcomes include "back to the drawing board" or a well-formed research question and advancement to the next phase. If the research question is a novel application for CLARITY we may engage in a collaboration.


a Specific Question

Researchers typically have a specific research question in mind. They may have validated their work in a different format, say chromogenic immunohistochemistry on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue samples. Now they are interested in exploring that next dimension in 3D. There may still be an element of feasibility if their marker is not on our published list.

Deeper Investigation

Researchers at this phase have already worked with ClearLight. It might be that researchers wish to try a different multiplex panel, examine a nearby section, or reinterrogate a tissue we’ve worked with before. Researchers might have new questions based on insights generated in the previous phase. ClearLight provides companies with cost-effective CLARITY tissue clearing and 3D IHC services. ClearLight's expertise and focus translate to customers receiving guided discovery and deeper investigation into the tissue microenvironment.

antibody penetration in thick tissue is ClearLights expertise

ClearLight Expertise

ClearLight is an expert in thick tissue antibody penetration. Improving the penetration rate of antibodies into thick tissues increases our ability to visualize cellular and subcellular structure. If researchers are serious about seeing more biology they should strongly consider the CLARITY method and engage ClearLight lab services.

Need to Learn More about CLARITY and 3D IHC? Start Here.

Most tissues are opaque and don’t pass through light necessary for microscopy. We use tissue clearing techniques to render opaque tissues transparent. Once tissues are transparent they can be immunostained and imaged under a microscope for closer examination and to gain insights into their subcellular structure.

CLARITY IS Our Business

While the CLARITY protocol is published for any lab to perform on its own, to achieve the best results for clearing, antibody penetration, and imaging we encourage researchers to leverage our expertise and intellectual property at ClearLight Biotechnologies.

CLARITY Tissue Clearing

Need to know more about CLARITY Tissue Clearing? Visit the CLARITY tissue clearing page to learn the background and specific steps in the ClearLight CLARITY Tissue Clearing Process. Also, you can Download the CLARITY Tissue Clearing Infographic.

CLARITY Tissue Clearing Kit

Want to explore the CLARITY method on your own? Researchers who wish to perform lipid clearing of soft tissues on their own can try our Tissue Clearing Kit. Low Lipid and High Lipid kits are available as well as our Immunostaining Buffer to get you started in 3D IHC.

Cancer Research Support Services

Cancer is not two dimensional. Imaging biomarkers in 3D reveals novel insights, unobtainable with other technology. PDF will open in new window.

Award Winning Breast Cancer Study

“Three-dimensional Imaging and Quantitative Analysis in CLARITY Processed Breast Cancer Tissues,” awarded as one of the top 100 downloaded cancer papers.

Request to Meet

Do you have a specific research question in mind or want to explore the feasibility of CLARITY and 3D IHC for your research question? Request an exploratory conversation with a member of our science team. Your inquiry and conversation will be treated with the utmost confidentiality.




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    Analysis can be performed for select biomarkers, please contact us to find out if your target of interest is one of them. Imaging is currently performed on select fields of view instead of the entire sample.

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