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Preclinical Drug Development

CLARITY and Tru3D™ Offer
Early Advantages

Work with ClearLight to advance a better drug candidate.

Precision in Preclinical Drug Development

Welcome PDDP Virtual 2021 Visitors

On this dedicated page for The Precision in Drug Discovery & Preclinical event, preclinical researchers can learn more about ClearLight, understand how to leverage ClearLight Lab Services for drug development programs and see why other researchers use ClearLight to gain an early advantage.

Whether you are new to CLARITY Tissue Clearing and 3D IHC or well-grounded in these subjects and have a project in mind, you can request to meet with us before, during, or after Virtual PDDP.

On this page you can find downloadable information to review and share with colleagues. We welcome you to reach out and schedule a meeting when you are ready.

Our Mission

ClearLight empowers researchers to see more biology within the tissue microenvironment. We are developing technologies to improve diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive treatment of disease so we can all live healthier lives.

ClearLight in the Preclinical
Drug Development Pipeline

“The juxtaposition of new insights into human biology, coupled with the application of new tools and advanced technologies, has the potential to revolutionize our business more in the next decade or two than in the past five!”

- John C. Lechleiter, PhD, Chairman, President, & Ceo, Eli Lilly & Company

Give your Preclinical Drug Development Program an Early Advantage

The majority of new drug candidates fail before making it to Phase I Clinical Trials. Preclinical studies must demonstrate the biological activity of the drug against the targeted disease. The drug candidate must also be evaluated for safety. These studies can take several years to complete.

Once a potential treatment shows promise to advance to Clinical Trials it still has a large fallout. Most potential drugs never make it to the medicine cabinet. Could improved earlier studies increase the chances for advancement? At ClearLight we think the answer is yes. We believe preclinical researchers should understand how a given therapy works in tissue before getting to the high stakes world of clinical trials. ClearLight empowers researchers to See More Biology™ within the tissue microenvironment.


Preclinical Drug Development Research

Learn how ClearLight helped researchers developing an implantable drug delivery device understand how their device and the drug were performing within the tissue microenvironment.

A biomedical startup with innovative technology was creating an implantable device for drug delivery. A key aspect of the design was that the device was to be fully removable after it was no longer needed. This was a crucial feature for gaining FDA approval and widespread acceptance in the market. Read the full case study here.

Benefits to Preclinical Drug Developers

Preclinical researchers in drug development benefit by working with ClearLight Biotechnologies for:

  • Specific Research Studies
  • Narrowing Studies
  • Combination Studies
  • Toxicology/Safety Studies


Company We Keep

Download ClearLight Preclinical Drug Development Support Services Handout.

Analysis can be performed for select biomarkers, please contact us to find out if your target of interest is one of them. Imaging is currently performed on select fields of view instead of the entire sample.

Submission Guidelines

Tissue Sample Requirements: