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ClearLight Biotechnologies Announces Japanese Distributor Filgen

Posted on Mar 16, 2021

Agreement with Filgen will enable ClearLight to access Japan’s large and growing biotech market

SUNNYVALE, CA., March 16, 2021 – ClearLight Biotechnologies is pleased to announce that they have entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Filgen, Inc. for the sale and distribution of ClearLight’s CLARITY Tissue Clearing Kits and their Lab Services, which include Tissue Clearing, Immunostaining, and Tru3D™ Imaging, in Japan.

Effective immediately, the agreement entitles Filgen the rights to market, sell, and support ClearLight services and products to researchers and drug developer customers in Japan. Filgen, based in Nagoya, Japan, serves the biotechnology market in Japan through development, manufacturing, and sales of scientific research equipment, and in biotechnology analysis services.

To provide services, Filgen will arrange for their customer tissue samples to be sent to ClearLight’s service facility in Sunnyvale, CA. ClearLight will offer all services to Japanese labs that US customers can access, including tissue clearing, multiplex fluorescent immunohistochemical staining, and 3D imaging. Filgen will also sell ClearLight’s range of CLARITY Tissue Clearing Kits for use in labs in Japan. The kits will enable researchers to perform CLARITY tissue clearing on tissues in-house, allowing for non-destructive tissue processing and 3D imaging of both normal and diseased soft tissues. Filgen will provide technical support.

“We are excited to extend the reach of ClearLight to Japan through the Filgen partnership. Filgen is a highly respected provider of scientific instrumentation and contract research services in Japan, and we are proud to be a part of the portfolio of offerings,” said Al Hansen, President of ClearLight. “The arrangement places ClearLight in the Japanese biotechnology ecosystem and represents an important step towards globalization of ClearLight services and products.”

Access to ClearLight’s services will benefit preclinical researchers in Japan who are engaged in preclinical drug development. Imaging biological samples in 3D reveals novel insights, unobtainable with other technology. Researchers will be able to peer deep within the tissue microenvironment to gain new insights, e.g. which drug candidates are the least toxic and most effective to advance? ClearLight works with organoids and tissues (rat, mouse, and human). ClearLight tissue clearing and analysis technologies are an excellent fit for Filgen customers.

“Filgen has a track record in gene analysis and protein analysis across a wide range of research areas including oncology, regenerative medicine, and pharmacokinetics. Adding ClearLight Biotechnologies lab services and products to Filgen’s capabilities will make our extensive service offering to various researchers in Japan even more robust,” said Hidekatsu Yoneda, President of Filgen.


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Founded by Karl Deisseroth M.D., Ph.D., ClearLight Biotechnologies provides pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic researchers with CLARITY Tissue Clearing, 3D immunostaining, and Tru3D image analysis services. ClearLight technology is based on the CLARITY lipid-clearing technique developed by Dr. Deisseroth and colleagues at Stanford University. This technology, paired with proprietary 3D image analysis software in development, empowers researchers to “See More Biology” within the tissue microenvironment. ClearLight Biotechnologies is developing technologies to improve diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive treatment of disease so we can all live healthier lives.

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