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Image of Human Lung Carcinoma: DAPI (blue), pan-cadherin (green), CD8 (yellow), α-SMA (red)

We are building something special.

We aim to revolutionize the diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive treatment of disease by enabling next generation technologies for non-destructively processing and digitally analyzing tissue in 3D. Imagine, non-destructive tissue processing and digital tissue image analysis in 3D to facilitate your pre-clinical and clinical research studies. Imagine, a way to illuminate your tissue microenvironment in a 3D volume. Imagine, automating this process and integrating it into your normal tissue processing workflow.

    A World of Opportunity

    ClearLight Biotechnologies has an exclusive, worldwide license agreement with Stanford University for development and commercialization of CLARITY for diagnostic and clinical applications. We are committed to a future where researchers and clinicians worldwide have access to automated instruments bringing the power of CLARITY to clinical applications.

    Another Innovation Realized

    There once was a day when we only dreamed of personalized medicine. Advances in DNA sequencing over a period of 50 years eventually gave way to next-generation sequencing (NGS). NGS is now commercially available and enabling a future of discovery and personalized medicine. NGS will continue to have an increasing impact on biology and medicine. But, another revolution is needed.

    Cancer Doesn’t Limit Itself to 2 Dimensions

    Every single person who reads this sentence knows someone whose life was cut short by cancer. It has become clear that the heterogeneity within the tumor microenvironment (TME) contributes significantly to the development and eventual metastasis of cancer, as well as the response and resistance to treatment. Cancer doesn’t limit itself to 2 dimensions; neither should we.

    Imagine the potential of the 3D platform that we are building. Peering inside the tumor microenvironment. Imagine how this can empower better clinical diagnosis, prognosis, and predictive applications in the future. Imagine such capable instruments being deployed in every research and pathology laboratory around the world. Imagine immuno-oncology empowered with tissue analysis in Tru3D Alpha. This is the world we are making possible. You can help.

    How you can help?

    We are a learning organization still under development. Likewise, our artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms are learning, too. To fully achieve our vision, they require thousands or even millions of data points. Your research team can benefit from working with our tissue clearing services and Tru3D Analysis software. Together we explore further and see more biology. We both win. Most importantly, so do future patients.

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    We invite you to coordinate with our scientific staff. Talk to a member of our science team about research alignment. See how Tru3D custom services can help your organization achieve its research objectives. ClearLight may be the missing link to your research and development needs.

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    Analysis can be performed for select biomarkers, please contact us to find out if your target of interest is one of them. Imaging is currently performed on select fields of view instead of the entire sample.

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