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Contract Research and Development

Your Science, Our Expertise

Unparalleled expertise in CLARITY Tissue Clearing and 3D IHC

ClearLight Biotechnologies Capabilities

As a contract research and development partner we apply our expertise and intellectual property in CLARITY Tissue Clearing, 3D Immunohistochemistry, and Tru3D image analysis to your specific research needs. We are not limited to the types of tissues and optimized antibodies we’ve worked with in the past. Our work involves imaging and analysis for the tissue microenvironment at the cellular and subcellular levels. We are able to work with larger tissue sizes as compared to FFPE.

We Empower Scientists

Confocal imaging is our standard; however, depending on the project we may employ several fields of view, a couple of regions of interest, or whole sample imaging. We provide all of the raw data (upon request) and a 3D video of the imaged samples.  We provide all of the raw data and produce a 3D video showing the entire tissue depth along with relevant target areas. You see the entire multiplex or your specific area of interest in Tru3D as well as the more familiar 2D z-stack. We can provide individual channels as well as the merged view. Collaboration and our capability empowers the scientists who work with us.

Contract Research and Development Services for Pharmaceutical Companies - ClearLight Biotechnologies

As your contract research and development partner ClearLight Biotechnologies provides expert CLARITY tissue clearing, 3D immunohistochemistry, and 3D imaging.

Researchers and scientists who work with us See More and Explore Further. See More Biology.

Our contract research and development services help pharmaceutical companies refine drug candidates and illuminate the path towards an FDA approved drug.

Bring Your Burning Scientific Question

Your talented team is engaged in research. You have a specific focus and expertise. At ClearLight Biotechnologies our focus is to leverage our technology and CLARITY expertise to aid scientists and researchers in answering their burning questions. Most of our customers seek to answer novel questions where the answer doesn't readily appear in a peer-reviewed journal. This unknown territory intrigues us as much as it does you.

Bring us your burning question and we'll apply our expertise and provide perspective. Together we'll explore further. With our help your team will See More Biology.


Who We Work With

Researchers and scientists who typically work with ClearLight Biotechnologies are involved in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic environments in the United States and around the world.

The organizations we work with:

  • Perform research and often don’t have the capability in-house to perform the services we provide.
  • Seek outside expertise and perspective, especially with CLARITY tissue clearing and 3D Immunohistochemistry
  • Are already operating at capacity and seek a competent contract research and development partner to maintain their workflow pipeline.

ClearLight Biotechnologies provides contract research and development services to pharmaceutical companies who seek to reduce the cost and failure rates of potential drug candidates.

Focus Areas of Research

The organizations we work with vary widely but each organization shares a couple of common interests:

  • They are exploring the efficacy of intended therapies to treat diseases and disorders.
  • They seek to reduce the cost and failure rates for potential drug candidates.
Seeing Ahead with ClearLight Contract Research and Development Services for Pharmaceutical Companies

Why a Pilot May be in Your Future

We are flexible in our approach, but a recurring theme has emerged in the work we’ve engaged: namely, the need for an initial pilot study. Aside from determining the pure feasibility and compatibility of the CLARITY technology. A pilot study provides insight to how ClearLight can best benefit your research project and experiments.

Scientific Reconnaissance

Much of the work we’ll do together isn’t as straightforward as constructing a building or going on a guided vacation tour. Sure, we employ blueprints of sorts, and science and scientists guide our journey. But, not only are the answers not already written, chances are, your very question(s) will evolve as you become more informed.

In military operations, reconnaissance missions are explorations outside an area occupied by friendly forces with the purpose of gaining information about natural features and other activities. Science needs reconnaissance missions, too. In many cases, a pilot study is an economical and prudent path forward to inform the researcher about the tissue or tumor microenvironment and what is happening there. The information gathered can further inform subsequent projects.

Contract Research and Development FAQs


ClearLight Biotechnologies’ technology could be easily applied to most biological areas that rely on 2D thin-section analysis of a tissue. Bring us your burning question even if it is outside the area of oncology or neuroscience.

No. ClearLight Biotechnologies provides study-related services to sponsors of drug research programs early in the drug development cycle. Our contract research and development services are for Research Use Only (RUO).

Imagination is a Powerful Force

Imagine being able to make use of a new world of data. Visualizing, processing, interpreting, and understanding the complex relationships within the tissue microenvironment. What will your team do when you can finally See More Biology?

Additional Contract Research and Development Resources

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ClearLight Biotechnologies lab services include tissue clearing using the CLARITY method, 3D immunostaining, 3D imaging (multiplexed fluorescence), and Tru3D spatial analysis in 3D.


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Collaborate With Us

We are building something special. We invite you to coordinate with our scientific staff. Talk to a member of our science team about research alignment. See how Tru3D custom services can help your organization achieve its research objectives.


Analysis can be performed for select biomarkers, please contact us to find out if your target of interest is one of them. Imaging is currently performed on select fields of view instead of the entire sample.

Submission Guidelines

Tissue Sample Requirements: