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Dr. Sharla White Featured in Life Sciences Review

Posted on Aug 23, 2021

Dr. Sharla White Featured in Life Sciences Review

ClearLight Bio was featured in Life Sciences Review Magazine as one of 2021’s Top 10 BioTech Startups at the forefront of providing exemplary services and solutions in the life sciences space.

In an interview with Vice President of Research and Development, Dr. Sharla White, she explained the genesis of CLARITY, in the lab of Karl Deiserroth at Stanford University. Dr. Deisseroth founded ClearLight in 2015.

Hydrogel Matrix is Key

Dr. White expanded on the key hydrogel matrix technology that allows tissues to maintain their three dimensional integrity even while being cleared and stained. She also highlighted that CLARITY is the only tissue clearing method where lipid clearing is done before the tissue is stained. This allows for more precise IHC staining, especially in thick tissue samples.

ClearLight’s Lab Services Take CLARITY Beyond the Brain

By taking the original CLARITY technology far beyond the brain tissue it was originally developed for, Dr. White’s team has expanded the use and applicability of CLARITY tissue clearing as well as 3D IHC staining and imaging. By incorporating these advances to the technique, the ClearLight Lab Services team is able to provide robust offerings, giving their clients a novel look into the tissue microenvironment of their precious tissue samples. The insights gained from seeing samples in 3D, can offer preclinical researchers an early advantage, aiding them on their path of drug development.

The Future of ClearLight

Dr. White also shed light on the direction ClearLight is heading in the future as she and her team continue to push the technology further.

Read the entire Life Sciences Review article here.

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