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Dr. Sharla White Featured on People of Pathology Podcast

Posted on Oct 08, 2021

Dr Sharla White from ClearLight Bio Featured on People of Pathology Podcast

Dr. Sharla White Featured on People of Pathology Podcast

Dr. Sharla White, VP of Research and Development at ClearLight Biotechnologies was recently featured on Episode 80 of the People of Pathology Podcast, rated as the #2 Pathology podcast in the world.

In this episode, host Dennis Strenk and Dr. White, discuss her background, how she got started on her career path, as well as:

  • Studying chemical engineering and pharmacognosy
  • Her post-doctoral work in vascular immunology and molecular biology
  • Cancer immunotherapy and how that led her to join ClearLight
  • The CLARITY system and its advantages over standard FFPE sections
  • How this technology is used in 3D immunohistochemistry
  • Her thoughts on the future of digital pathology
  • Mentors and women in STEM

Give this interview a listen and let us know what you think!

People of Pathology Episode 80 - Listen Here 

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