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Dr. Sharla White Featured on Society of Toxicology Panel

Posted on Mar 22, 2022

Sharla White, PhD, ClearLight's VP of Research and Development, will present on a continuing education panel at the Society of Toxicology conference in San Diego on Sunday, March 27th.

The panel covers Next-Level Neurotoxicology: New Technologies to Advance Visualization of Spatial Molecular Alterations and Behavioral Phenotyping. Dr. White’s four co-presenters on the continuing education panel hail from Johns Hopkins University, Duke University, NIEHS, and NanoString.

As stated in the description:

‘The objective of this course is to provide toxicologists with a better understanding of novel neuroscience techniques that provide optimized visualization of spatial alterations and behavioral phenotyping that can be applied to and advance neurotoxicology studies.’

Dr. White’s presentation is entitled Exploring 3D Structures and Biomarker Distributions in Intact Transparent Brain and Potential Applications in Neurotoxicology. She will cover how CLARITY tissue clearing can be used to clear brain tissue and 3D IHC can be used to image biomarkers in this brain tissue with clear implication for neurotoxicological applications. 

CLARITY was originally developed to study neurons in brain tissue in Dr. Karl Deisseroth’s lab at Stanford University. Subsequently, Dr. White and colleagues at ClearLight have taken CLARITY beyond the brain. Over the past 6 years Dr. White has successfully applied CLARITY and 3D IHC to many different tissue types achieving similar results in tissues ranging from heart to bone. However these techniques are still particularly well suited to brain tissue, so neurotoxicology studies are a natural fit. 

Society of Toxicology Continuing Education 

You can find out more about this continuing education course here:

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