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Dr. White Featured on Her Royal Science Podcast

Posted on Dec 09, 2021

Dr Sharla White on Her Royal Science Podcast

Dr. White Featured on Her Royal Science Podcast

Dr. Sharla White, VP of Research and Development at ClearLight Biotechnologies was recently featured on Her Royal Science Podcast, Episode 24: The Circle of Life.

In this episode, host Dr. Asma Bashir and Dr. White, discuss her background, including childhood clues that pointed to a future filled with science, the lure of chemical engineering, and the importance of building a support network. This laughter-filled episode reveals Dr. White’s love of solving puzzles and shows her genuine love of her job. She shares the differences between working in academia and in industry and other lessons learned along her journey.

As we discuss the life lessons she learned from her parents, I was struck by the full circle nature of Dr White's desire to foster her own children's budding excitement for science, just as her parents did for many years. As such, this episode is titled ‘The Circle of Life’. - Dr Asma Bashir, Her

Give this interview a listen and let us know what you think!

Her Royal Science Podcast, Episode 24: The Circle of Life. Listen Here 

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Episode transcript available here.

About Her Royal Science

“I started Her Royal Science simply because I love meaningful conversations. I enjoy learning about people - who they are, what they have seen, and who they want to be. More than anything, I wanted to create Her Royal Science for minoritised peoples in STEM to share our life experiences in a safe space, free from reproach or ridicule, thereby allowing others who may have experienced something similar to feel seen and heard. Please join me on this journey. I invite you to listen, reflect, and grow with me.” - Dr Asma Bashir, Her


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