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ClearLight Lab Services

ClearLight provides tissue processing, imaging, and analysis services. CLARITY Tissue Clearing is the foundation of ClearLight's tissue processing workflow. Our expert CLARITY tissue clearing, 3D immunohistochemistry, and 3D imaging services empower researchers to gain a better understanding of the tissue and tumor microenvironment.

Who We Work With

We work with researchers involved in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic environments in the United States and around the world.

Organizations We Work With:

  • Perform research, but don’t have the capability in-house to perform the services we provide.
  • Seek outside expertise and perspective, especially with CLARITY tissue clearing and 3D Immunohistochemistry
  • Are already operating at capacity and seek a competent and dependable lab services partner to maintain their workflow pipeline.

Researchers we work with share common interests:

  • Exploring the efficacy of intended therapies to treat diseases and disorders.
  • Seeking to reduce the cost and failure rates for potential drug candidates.
  • Desire to see how a given therapeutic is working within a complex three-dimensional tissue microenvironment.

Working With ClearLight In 6 Easy Steps

Step one is to contact us about your research question or goals.

We’ll set up a meeting to discuss your project and learn more. We provide you with feedback based on our experience and help map out the best path forward. Since we are a collaborative research organization we pride ourselves on the customized attention we are able to give each project. Contact us to get started.

Next you’ll complete our intake survey.

This is important to make sure we have all the necessary details about your project.

Create a Statement of Work and initiate a project

After the survey is completed we create a Statement of Work, and look forward to receiving your samples. Some companies may prefer to contract with us through in order to take advantage of the streamlined pre-approval provided by that platform.

Now you’re ready to ship us your samples.

Make sure to prepare your samples correctly prior to shipment. Review submission guidelines.

Our Lab Services team processes your samples as illustrated below.

From start to finish, this process typically takes 4 - 8 weeks. See the Clearlight Tissue Processing Workflow to understand the specific steps your samples will undergo. For more details visit the learning center or reach out to support.

The last step is the Summary Report

We upload your Summary Report to our secure data repository and send you the access instructions. You will have 30 days to download your files and store them on your own servers. After 30 days you may need to request archive retrieval. Imaging file sizes can be enormous so we usually send them to you on a hard drive. This minimizes your expense and maximizes convenience.

The ClearLight Tissue Processing Workflow

Reproducing Success

Scientific Reconnaissance

Much of the work we’ll do together isn’t as straightforward as constructing a building or going on a guided vacation tour. Sure, we employ blueprints of sorts, and science and scientists guide our journey. But, not only are the answers not already written, chances are, your very question(s) will evolve as you become more informed.

In military operations, reconnaissance missions are explorations outside an area occupied by friendly forces with the purpose of gaining information about natural features and other activities. Science needs reconnaissance missions, too. In many cases, a pilot study is an economical and prudent path forward to inform the researcher about the tissue or tumor microenvironment and what is happening there. The information gathered can further inform subsequent projects.

Visit the Learning Center to gain a refresher on CLARITY Tissue Clearing and 3D IHC or take your learning to the next level.

Why We Do A Pilot Project First

We are flexible in our approach, but a recurring theme has emerged in the work we’ve engaged: namely, the need for an initial pilot study. Aside from determining the pure feasibility and compatibility of the CLARITY technology, a pilot study provides insight into how ClearLight can best benefit your research project and experiments.

Proving Feasibility

Many clients who come to us for lab services have never worked with CLARITY tissue clearing or 3D IHC. For example, if you have always worked with 2D FFPE and are curious if CLARITY tissue clearing and 3D IHC can provide the additional insight and data to answer the question you're after, a pilot study is a cost-effective way to establish if our technology is a good fit for your application.

Starting Small

It makes sense to do a pilot study with a few samples first to make sure everything goes as expected, rather than jumping in with a large sample set and running into potential problems or unexpected results. A pilot study builds trust on both sides and helps determine if it’s a good fit to work together.

Guiding Deeper Investigation

If you or your company have already worked with us one or more times before, then a pilot study is probably not needed before starting a new project.

Many of the researchers and companies we work with find that the research assistance provided by ClearLight is a vital part of their R&D process. We provide them with tissue clearing and 3D IHC services they cannot cost-effectively perform themselves. The results from the imaging and tissue analysis provided by ClearLight allow for guided discovery and deeper investigation.

Start a Project

Take the first step in beginning your project:

  • Tell us about your project and research objectives
  • Ask our experts a question
  • Request a virtual meeting

We'll take it from there. We look forward to hearing from you.

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