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At SITC you can meet with us at our virtual booth or in the connection lounge. Chat with members of our science team. Learn more about ClearLight Biotechnologies, our technology, and our lab services.

Welcome SITC 2020 Visitors

On this dedicated page for SITC 2020 visitors, researchers can find more information about ClearLight’s Lab Services, our CLARITY Tissue Clearing Kits, award winning studies, and watch videos that showcase 3D Immunohistochemistry. Use the download links to take information with you. While SITC 2020 ends on Nov. 14th our collaboration is only beginning. Connect with us on social media and when you are ready to see what CLARITY and 3D IHC can do for your research, contact us.

Our Mission:

ClearLight empowers researchers to see more biology within the tissue microenvironment. We are developing technologies to improve diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive treatment of disease so we can all live healthier lives.

Videos: See More Biology

Series 1: Excerpts from our award winning Breast Cancer Study.

Series 2: Volumes imaged from 3 tumors and 1 tonsil.

ClearLight Downloads

Are You Involved in Preclinical Drug Development?

See where ClearLight and 3D IHC fits into the Drug Development Process.

CLARITY Tissue Clearing Infographic

Download the full resolution, printable 11" x 17" PDF poster showcasing the fundamentals of CLARITY tissue clearing.

CLARITY Optimized Antibodies

Full resolution, printable 8" x 11" datasheet highlighting the published list of optimized antibodies for CLARITY from ClearLight Biotechnologies.

ClearLight Bio Company Fact Sheet

Fast Facts, Our History & Commitment, and The ClearLight Difference in a brief one-page Company Fact Sheet.

CLARITY Tissue Clearing Kit
-Now Available-

We have made a Tissue Clearing Kit available to researchers who wish to perform lipid clearing of soft tissues. Explore the CLARITY method on your own. We have a Low Lipid and High Lipid kit available as well as our Immunostaining Buffer to get you started in 3D IHC.

Award Winning Breast Cancer Study

“Three-dimensional Imaging and Quantitative Analysis in CLARITY Processed Breast Cancer Tissues,” awarded as one of the top 100 downloaded cancer papers.

 “Bring me your burning research question and I’ll provide a creative resolution using CLARITY.”

Advance Your Research

Live chat with our science team while visiting our Virtual Booth at SITC. Or, schedule a Zoom meeting with Dr. Sharla White.

Dr. Sharla White, Director of Research and Development

  • Expert in CLARITY across different tissues
  • Diverse background brings perspective
  • Experience with various pilots and feasibility studies
  • Research focus areas:
    • cancer biology
    • immunotherapeutics
    • cancer immunology
    • tissue clearing technologies
    • cardiovascular diseases
    • vascular biology
    • inflammation.

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Analysis can be performed for select biomarkers, please contact us to find out if your target of interest is one of them. Imaging is currently performed on select fields of view instead of the entire sample.

Submission Guidelines

Tissue Sample Requirements: