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ClearLight Biotechnologies, Inc (ClearLight): Developing a Next-Generation 3D Tissue Processing Platform by Leveraging CLARITY is recognized as one of “The 20 Most Disruptive Healthcare Solution Providers 2018.”

Posted on Jan 08, 2019

SUNNYVALE, Calif., January 8, 2019 (PR NEWSWIRE)

ClearLight is an early stage company, focused on developing automated instrumentation and associated reagents to simplify and expedite non-destructive 3-Dimensional (3D) tissue analysis to facilitate preclinical and clinical research applications. It is creating a platform that will enable an end-to-end solution for 3D analysis of preclinical and clinical models of disease. ClearLight is recognized as one of the “The 20 Most Disruptive Healthcare Solution Providers 2018.” Recipients of this honor is decided by a distinguished panel of biotechnology experts, including CEOs, CIOs, VCs analysts and the editorial board of Insights Care magazine.

“CLARITY is a novel approach that is innovative in both function and utility, and has been applied broadly to the field of neurobiology, primarily as a qualitative tool,” says Dr. Goodman. The technology enables the formation of a hydrogel matrix (HM) by crosslinking biological molecules to a 3D network of hydrophilic polymers, followed by lipid removal to generate a transparent and structurally intact tissue. This tissue retains its original structural features, can be labeled with macromolecules, and imaged without destruction of the tissue morphology.

The mission of ClearLight is to revolutionize the diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive treatment of disease by enabling next generation technologies for non-destructively and digitally analyzing diseased and normal tissues in 3D. It predicts a similar future of this industry as to that of the adoption of next generation sequencing (NGS) into clinical decision making that took more than 20 years and has now become a billion-dollar industry. Dr. Goodman says, “We predict a similar steady trajectory with 3D processing and imaging of diseased tissue being adopted initially into the research use only (RUO) market and eventually entering the clinical market as adoption increases and clinical utility is established.”

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About ClearLight

Founded by Karl Deisseroth M.D., Ph.D., ClearLight is developing an automated instrumentation platform based on the CLARITY lipid-clearing technique developed by Dr. Deisseroth and colleagues at Stanford University. This technique enables the transformation of tissue into a nanoporous, hydrogel-hybridized form that is crosslinked to a three-dimensional network of hydrophilic polymers. The process produces a fully assembled, intact tissue, which is permeable to macromolecules and optically transparent, thus allowing for robust three-dimensional imaging of subcellular components (DNA, RNA and protein) and analysis of heterogeneous cellular interactions within the microenvironment of a tissue. This technology, paired with a multi-sample tissue imaging and proprietary 3D image analysis software, will enable more accurate analysis and assessment of normal and diseased tissue.

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