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Researchers and scientists in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic environments use our expert CLARITY tissue clearing, immunohistochemistry, and 3D imaging services to reduce the cost and failure rates of potential drug candidates.

CLARITY Tissue Clearing

Cleared Tissue Sample from ClearLight Bio

CLARITY Infographic

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Free Download


Human NSCLC-Lung Tissue Imaged With CLARITY by ClearLight Biotechnologies
IHC in 3D

Optimized Antibodies

Antibodies for CLARITY
Antibodies for CLARITY

3D Image Analysis in 3D

Biomarker co-localization and individual cell type classification

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Your R&D Resource
Your R&D Resource


ClearLight is now offering reagents so you can try the CLARITY tissue clearing method yourself. We include High Lipid and Low Lipid kits as well as an optional immunostaining buffer.

High Lipid Kit
High Lipid Kit
Low Lipid Kit
Low Lipid Kit
Optimized Reagent for Immunostaining used with CLARITY Tissue Clearing Kit
Immuno-staining Buffer

Cancer Doesn’t Limit Itself to 2 Dimensions. Neither Should We.


We are building something special. We invite you to coordinate with our scientific staff. Talk to a member of our science team about research alignment. See how Tru3D custom services can help your organization achieve its research objectives.

Imagine, non-destructive tissue processing to facilitate your pre-clinical and clinical research studies.

Imagine, a way to illuminate your tissue microenvironment in a 3D volume

Imagine, automating this process and integrating it into your normal tissue processing workflow.

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ClearLight Biotechnologies news and announcements. Collaborations, Trade Shows and Events, Company News, and more. Scientific Reports awards ClearLight for publishing the Top 100 Scientific Reports cancer papers in 2019.

ClearLight has exhibited at the 35th Anniversary Annual Meeting & Pre-conference Programs at SITC 2020. This reimagined event was fully virtual.

Our lab services are up and running (although at a reduced capacity to keep employees safe). We stand ready to serve.

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We applaud the research community and their involvement in the drug discovery and development process. These are the modern heroes who will create the cures of tomorrow for the diseases that impact human potential and decrease lifespan. Perhaps you are one. Join us.

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Analysis can be performed for select biomarkers, please contact us to find out if your target of interest is one of them. Imaging is currently performed on select fields of view instead of the entire sample.

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