Our Mission

To revolutionize the diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive treatment of disease by enabling next generation technologies for non-destructively processing and digitally analyzing tissue in 3D.

Study Shows Promise for Revolutionizing Spatial Tumor Analysis.


Non-destructive tissue processing and digital spatial image analysis in 3D to facilitate your pre-clinical and clinical research studies

A way to illuminate your tissue microenvironment in a 3D volume

Automating this process and integrating it into your normal tissue processing work flow

ClearLight Biotechnologies’ automated instrumentation platform study is featured as the 4th news story in Clinical Lab Products’ Prime email newsletter and on Clinical Lab Products’ magazine.

ClearLight Biotechnologies and Researchers at the Indiana University’s Melvin and Bren Simon Cancer Center
Announce publication in Scientific Reports-Nature

ClearLight Biotechnologies (formerly ClearLight Diagnostics, LLC) was founded in 2014 by Karl Deisseroth MD, PhD, the inventor of CLARITY, Optogenetics, and STARmap technologies. It is an early stage company focused on developing automated instrumentation and associated reagents to simplify and expedite non-destructive 3D tissue analysis to facilitate preclinical and clinical research applications. The platform will enable an end-to-end solution for 3D analysis of preclinical and clinical models of disease.

Sharla White, PhD presented poster #4690 at AACR Annual Meeting 2019, Atlanta.

Nature posted a video to YouTube describing the CLARITY 3D tissue imaging technology.

View on YouTube

4 Major Platform Components

Multi-sample 3D Tissue Processor
Multi-color/ sample 3D Imaging
Custom 3D Image Analysis Software
Development of Key Biomarker Panels


Could be applied to any application that relies
on 2D thin section FFPE analysis


Near Term

Research Use Only (RUO) Service Model
and Limited Beta instruments in field

Preclinical/clinical drug development, exploratory technology inclusion in clinical trials


RUO instrument in field, Companion Diagnostics, LDT (ClearLight Biotechnologies has exclusive rights to diagnostic, prognostic, predictive applications)

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