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Tissue Clearing Services


ClearLight Bio provides CLARITY tissue clearing services to preclinical researchers who want to See More Biology in the tissue / tumor microenvironment.

    We had tried several other methods prior to working with ClearLight, but the results were inconclusive and unsatisfactory. The video from the 3D IHC finally got us the confirmation that our experimental therapeutic may be working.
    Our investors were wowed by the 3D video [ClearLight provided]. They hadn’t seen anything like it and it clearly demonstrated that our research shows promise.
    Working with Sharla and the team helped us solidify our research goals.
    The images we received from ClearLight led to us revising our direction and cutting our losses on an approach that wasn’t working. In the end we estimate that insight saved us at least 1000 hours in staff time that could then be more profitably utilized.
    Thank you so much for all the work! We are greatly satisfied with the quality and responsiveness to our additional requests for processing, file sharing, etc. Great to work together.

    Why Choose ClearLight Bio for Tissue Clearing Services?

    CLARITY tissue clearing is a core service of ClearLight Biotechnologies. CLARITY is the only tissue clearing technique to employ tissue lipid-clearing prior to immunostaining followed by refractive index (RI) matching. Other techniques immunostain tissue samples before applying the clearing reagent(s) which also serves as a refractive index match. Following a workflow of clear - stain - image produces superior results. Visit our tissue clearing comparison to see for yourself.

    Work with the Tissue Clearing Experts:

    • Our founder, Karl Deisseroth, invented the CLARITY protocol
    • We are experts in thick tissue antibody immunostaining
    • We’ve expanded the CLARITY protocol beyond the brain
    • We are not your typical CRO

    Ready to See More Biology?

    With CLARITY tissue clearing services you can:

    • Enable deep tissue imaging
    • Preserve your tissue structure
    • Gain insights with a 3D perspective
    • Stain and destain/restain multiple times*
      *most tissues. Contact the ClearLight Lab Services team for details.

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      Preclinical researchers who work with ClearLight Biotechnologies are involved in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic environments in the United States and around the world.

      Tonsil Tissue Before Sectioning and Clearing

      Tonsil Tissue Sectioned and Cleared (note increased translucence)

      Tonsil Tissue Sections Cleared & RI Matched

      Human Tonsil: DAPI (blue), CD8 (yellow), pan-Cytokeratin (green), PD-L1 (red)

      Human Tonsil: DAPI (blue), CD8 (yellow), pan-Cytokeratin (green), PD-L1 (red)

      Human Tonsil: DAPI (blue), CD8 (yellow), pan-Cytokeratin (green), PD-L1 (red)

      Stop Using a 2D Solution for a 3D Problem

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        Analysis can be performed for select biomarkers, please contact us to find out if your target of interest is one of them. Imaging is currently performed on select fields of view instead of the entire sample.

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        Tissue Sample Requirements: