Tissue Clearing Applications

Calcified Tissue

Bone and Teeth

Tissue Clearing Calcified Tissues
(Bone and Teeth)

Calcified tissues present their own set of unique challenges. Cutting bone is problematic.

Some of the additional steps taken when tissue clearing calcified tissues such as bone and teeth include:

  • Decalcification / Demineralization
  • Addressing autofluorescence from the bone marrow

When we work with bone and teeth we maintain structure. The microenvironment remains intact. We can look at markers relative to the bone or even bone marrow. Tissue clearing calcified tissues is largely unpublished territory. If you have a project involving calcified tissue, you may be surprised to learn what tissue clearing can do for your research.

 Collaborative Research Organization for Tissue Clearing Tonsil and Tru3D Tissue Analysis

Leverage our Internal R & D

When you work with us you gain the benefit of our internal experiments, assessments, and rigorous testing. In addition to performing our lab services: CLARITY Tissue Clearing, 3D IHC, and Tru3D Tissue Analysis, ClearLight scientists perform internal Research and Development to advance our understanding and applications of CLARITY to other tissue types and downstream applications. Researchers who work with us benefit from this exploratory work. The ClearLight “lab basement” is full of failed or pivoted experiments that helped inform our path to arrive at what does work. Work with us to avoid making the same mistakes that we have made or going down the blind alleys that we’ve pivoted away from.

“If you don’t want to spend the time figuring it out, we can help. We work hard to make this look easy.” - Dr. Sharla White, VP of Research and Development

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Analysis can be performed for select biomarkers, please contact us to find out if your target of interest is one of them. Imaging is currently performed on select fields of view instead of the entire sample.

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